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Benefits from Proposed Energy Projects
Upfront Investment (total of all projects)
Total Economic Output (in PDV)          $10,200,000,000
Employment Earnings (in PDV)            $3,200,000,000
Average Annual Jobs                               19,300

First Year of Operations (total of all projects)
Total Economic Output (in PDV)          $1,100,000,000
Employment Earnings (in PDV)            $200,000,000
Average Jobs Created in Year 1           5,400

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Green Power Express: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

STATUS:  In progress with opposition TYPE: Transmission OPPOSITION:  Citizens Energy Task Force PROSPECTS:  Indeterminate BACKGROUND:  Green Power Express is a $12 billion, 3,000-mile high-voltage transmission line across seven Midwestern states proposed by International Transmission Company (ITC).  The project’s purpose is … Continue reading

Big River Resources Grinnell Ethanol Plant, Iowa

STATUS: In progress, with opposition TYPE: Ethanol OPPOSITION: Local residents PROSPECTS: Indeterminate BACKGROUND: US BioEnergy Corporation and Big River Resources, LLC began construction on a jointly owned ethanol facility near Grinnell, Iowa, but the project was derailed by NIMBY lawsuits … Continue reading

LS Power, Elk Run Energy Station, IA

STATUS:  Canceled TYPE: Coal OPPOSITION:  Iowa Sierra Club, Plains Justice, local citizens PROSPECTS:  Unlikely BACKGROUND:  In 2006, LS Power proposed to build the Elk Run Energy Station, a $1.3 billion, 750-megawatt pulverized-coal power plant located five miles outside of downtown … Continue reading

Alliant, Marshalltown Power Plant

STATUS:  Canceled TYPE: Coal OPPOSITION:  The Iowa Consumer Advocate, Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa Farmer’s Union, Iowa Renewable Energy Association, Green State Solutions PROSPECTS:  Unlikely BACKGROUND: In 2007, Alliant Energy announced plans for a new $1 billion coal-fired power plant in … Continue reading