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Melrose Dam in Melrose, WI

Status: Planning and feasibility stage: The dam is a 123 years old, wooden plank structure that is rotting away. Behind the dam there is 28 feet of silt. If the dam fails or is removed all that silt goes into the Black and Mississippi rivers. Erosion from the silt will  would extend for miles upstream and would impact Highway 54 and County road N.

Type: Our organization wants to replace the dam with a hydroelectric facility and dredge the silt in order to restore the former lake and wetlands plus restore a native trout stream habitat. The hydroelectric facility would provide a source of green energy and the revenue received would proved a source of sustainibilty for the dam and lake.

Opposition: Most opposition is local: Farmers that might lose a small acreage and residents of the area that are afraid of the cost and that their taxes would increase. Also there are few grants available for building dams.

Prospect: Friends of Douglas Creek Watershed & Melrose Mill Pond, Inc. is a small 501c3 organization that is attempting to raise funds and get this project going forward. Feasibility study has been done and it is favorable for constuction and hydroelectricity. The Dam has a 33 feet drop and is a natural site for good water flow.

Background: Oup organization has been working for two years on the project.. The Village of Melrose owns the dam and have a WDNR permit to rebuild the dam. The Village has no money for the project. They are for the dam and lake restoration and we have a good cooperation from them. We need funds and some outside support.

Sources: This project is sponsored by:
Douglas Creek Watershed & Melrose Mill Pond, Inc.
N2108 St. Hwy 54, Melrose,WI 54642
Phone: (608) 488-4855

Village of Melrose
112 N Washington Street
Melrose, WI 54642
Phone: (608) 488-3191

User Submitted on April 8, 2011