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TransCanada Corporation’s Kibby Wind Power Project, Franklin County, ME

STATUS: Complete

TYPE: Wind

OPPOSITION: Friends of the Boundary Mountains

PROSPECTS:  Complete 

BACKGROUND:  The Kibby Wind Power Project developed by TransCanada is the largest wind power development in New England.  The wind farm is located in the community of Eustis, Maine.   The project is capable of producing 132 megawatts of electricity and is valued at $350 million. Construction began on the project in September 2008. This wind power project has generated around 315 construction jobs during the construction period and now it has 13 full time employment opportunities to manage the functions of the wind turbine and its maintenance.

TransCanada has spent several years working to mitigate environmental impacts by downsizing the project and relocating the project site to minimize the project’s impact on threatened species in the area.   In June 2007, the Appalachian Mountain Club, Maine Audubon, and Natural Resources Council of Maine announced support for the project. However, Friends of the Boundary Mountains, a grassroots group, continues to oppose the project, arguing that the mountain landscape should be preserved and that the turbines are a threat to birds.

The project was completed and operational as of November 1, 2010.

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Last updated November 15, 2010