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Victoria County Station, Victoria County, Texas

STATUS:  Suspended

TYPE: Nuclear

OPPOSITION:  Sierra Club; Public Citizen; SEED Coalition

PROSPECTS:  Indeterminate

BACKGROUND:  Exelon filed an application for a combined operating license (COL) from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a two-reactor new nuclear power plant in Victoria County, Texas.  The original proposal was for two GE-Hitachi Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactors (ESBWR), with a total output of 3,000 megawatts of electricity.  Construction was to begin in early 2011.

In November 2008, Exelon announced it was negotiating with manufacturers of alternative reactor technologies, on the belief that other, more mature technologies would help gain a federal loan guarantee for the Victoria County Station project.  In November 2008, Exelon dropped plans for the ESBWR and instead choosing to build two 1,350-megawatt Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWR).

In 2010, Exelon chose to withdraw its COL application from NRC consideration and instead file for an Early Site Permit (ESP), which gives the company a 20-year window to complete the project but does not authorize construction.  The project is temporarily suspended while processing of the ESP moves forward.

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Last Updated:  November 10, 2010