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TVA Rutherford-Williamson-Davidson Power Supply Improvement Project, Tennessee

STATUS:  Complete

TYPE: Transmission

OPPOSITION:  Environmental groups, local residents

PROSPECTS:  Complete

BACKGROUND:  Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a corporation owned by the U.S. government, undertook the Rutherford-Williamson-Davidson Power Supply Improvement Project in 2006.  The project includes the construction of a new 500-kV substation on about 60 acres of land in the Rockvale, Tennessee area, plus about 55 miles of new connecting transmission lines. The new facilities are needed to provide continued reliable power for the growing Middle Tennessee area, which is projected to outgrow the current transmission system in 2010.  TVA did not disclose construction costs for the project.

Power Outrage, a citizens group, opposed the project based on concerns regarding property values, health and safety issues.  Because TVA is a government-owned corporation, a good deal of the permitting process is streamlined through TVA.  TVA issued its own final environmental impact statement for the project in April 2008, and its Record of Decision in June 2008.  The project was completed in May 2010.

SOURCES:  TVA: http://www.tva.gov/environment/reports/rutherford/index.htm; http://www.tva.gov/environment/reports/rutherford/RWD_FEIS_Summary.pdf;
Power Outrage: http://www.poweroutrage.org/

Last Updated:  December 9, 2010