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Sevier Plant, Sigurd, UT

STATUS: In progress with opposition

TYPE: Coal


PROSPECTS: Indeterminate

BACKGROUND: In October 2004, the developer received a Utah Division of Air Quality permit to construct and operate a 270 megawatt, $598 million coal plant.  Sierra Club and others appealed.  The appeal was dismissed in November 2007.  In February 2008, Sierra Club appealed in State court alleging the permit wrongfully failed to evaluate CO2 emissions, improperly excluded integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology as an available control technology and set the wrong emission limits, among other things.  In December 2009, the Utah Supreme Court threw out the permit holding the State should have considered IGCC technology and set lower emissions limits but rejecting the claim CO2 emission controls had to be part of the permit. It also held the permit had expired because construction did not commence within eighteen months of its issuance.  In response, the developer noted it had prevailed on four of seven issues but stated “administrative delays, appeals, and court challenges made getting anything done in 18 months impossible” and noted “opponents will fight every step of the way…and…any single delay is a loss for the developer.”

In March 2010 it was reported the developer was considering a gas plant for the site.     

SOURCES: http://www.airquality.utah.gov/Permits/DOCS/AN2529001-04.pdf  http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705349309/Utah-Supreme-Court-rules-against-coal-power-plant.html?linkTrack=rss-14 

LAST UPDATED:  December 7, 2010