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Port Westward LNG, Clatskanie, Oregon

STATUS:  Killed

TYPE: Natural Gas

OPPOSITION:  Environmental groups, local residents


BACKGROUND:  Port Westward LNG was a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal in Clatskanie, Oregon.  As proposed, the facility would have an average sendout capacity of 700 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.  In March 2006, the Port of St. Helens approved a 99-year lease agreement for land along the Columbia River.  By that time, delays in obtaining a lease had already caused at least one major investor to withdraw from the project.

Opponents of the project asserted that LNG terminal and pipeline construction near the Columbia River would require massive river dredging and involve extensive disturbance and filling that would damage wetland habitat. This would degrade key salmon rearing grounds and fishing areas that have been used for generations. Additionally, massive LNG tankers would suck up billions of gallons of Columbia River water to use as ballast water, potentially killing many thousands of juvenile salmon.

In late 2006, the project lost its financial backing, and officially died.

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Last Updated:  December 1, 2010