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Pacific Mountain Energy Center, Kalama, WA

STATUS: Killed

TYPE: Coal



BACKGROUND:  In 2006 a consortium of local utilities proposed a 793 megawatt, $1.5 billion integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) facility to turn coal, petroleum coke or other feedstock into gas and submitted a preliminary environment impact assessment to the Washington State Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC).  Sierra Club and others intervened to oppose the plant claiming its development and operation would cause unduly adverse environmental and CO2 emission impacts.  In December 2007, EFSC froze the application asserting the developer’s proposal to begin making specific steps toward implementing geological sequestration of CO2 at some future time, after geological sequestration becomes commercially accepted for use in reducing emissions of fossil-fueled power plants. EFSC ruled that its actions were not “final” for purposes of the State Administrative Procedure Act, thereby blocking an appeal.  In March 2008, EFSC agreed to extend the application timeline until September 2009.  However, in May 2009, the developer withdrew its application.  .

SOURCES: http://climate.alston.com/blog.aspx?entry=639

LAST UPDATED:  December 7, 2010