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New York Regional Interconnection

STATUS:  Suspended

TYPE: Transmission

OPPOSITION:  New York state representatives; environmental groups, local residents

PROSPECTS:  Indeterminate

BACKGROUND:  In 2006, New York Regional Interconnection (NYRI) announced plans to construct and maintain a 190-mile, 1,200 megawatt electrical transmission line through New York, from Marcy in Oneida County to Windsor in Orange County.  The $2.1 billion project faced major opposition from local residents, environmental groups, and even elected officials.  Opposition groups spent about $2.4 million on the legal fight to stop the line, much of it made up of contributions from individuals and municipalities along the route.

The project was officially suspended in April 2009, when NYRI announced it would withdraw its application for consideration by the New York Public Service Commission.  Earlier that week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ruled against the project and denied a request for a rehearing.

Congressman Michael Arcuri wrote on his web site:  “Since coming to Congress in 2007, I have fought at every turn, in every way possible; to prevent NYRI from moving forward with plans to construct this intrusive and ill-planned power line across Upstate New York. Although NYRI's plan to cut a scar through our backyards and our communities has, effectively, been stopped, I can assure you, I will remain vigilant and connected to local advocacy groups in order to prevent a proposal like this from ever being pushed on Upstate New Yorkers again.”

The NYRI web site is still active, and NYRI has taken its case to federal appeals court.  The project, however, remains suspended.

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Last Updated:  December 9, 2010