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Navitas Energy Corp. Wind Farm, Ogle and Winnebago Counties

STATUS:  In progress with opposition

TYPE:  Wind

OPPOSITION:   local resident

PROSPECTS:  Indeterminate

BACKGROUND: The project is a 100-turbine farm that straddles Stephenson, Ogle and Winnebago counties. The proposal is to build 20 turbines in Stephenson County, and 40 turbines each in Ogle and Winnebago counties  As of February 2010, Navitas had not begun construction due to legal issues.  

Patricia Muscarello, an Arizona woman who took Ogle County and Navitas Energy to court over the proposed wind farm in January 2006, filed another lawsuit in January 2010 to stop the Navitas Energy project in Winnebago County by suing the county and the company using many of the same arguments in both cases.   Ms. Muscarello owns property in both Ogle and Winnebago County and claims she would be adversely affected by the turbines. She also opposed the mechanisms that allowed the wind farms to be built.   Muscarello’s Ogle County suit was dismissed by the federal court, but she has since filed an appeal. It is reported that Muscarello’s attorney in the Ogle County case has promised to take the matter to the Supreme Court, if necessary.  "Their central argument is that wind farms are terrible," said Clay Lindsey, the attorney for Navitas.  "But they have said that they’d entertain negotiated (monetary) settlements. You would think that someone who was against wind farms for environmental reasons wouldn’t accept any amount of money."

As of November 7, 2010, Navitas Energy Corp. has not submitted plans or maps with Winnebago County identifying where the turbines would go, much less broken ground on the project.  Moreover, Muscarello has made no overtures regarding a settlement and county officials haven’t expressed any interest in going that route either, said Winnebago County Assistant State’s Attorney.

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Last updated November 12, 2010