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Los Angeles’s Measure B Solar Project, CA

STATUS: Killed

TYPE: Solar

OPPOSITION: Local citizens; neighborhood councils; political groups


BACKGROUND: Measure B was an initiative in Los Angeles that would have involved adding 400 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power on both city-owned and commercial rooftops by 2014. This additional power, which would have helped the city meet California’s mandate of 20% of renewable energy by 2010 and 35 percent by 2020, was estimated to cost each tax payer just $1 a month. Measure B would have eliminated 400,000 tons of greenhouse gases from the air (the equivalent of removing 100,000 cars from the road).

The $3.6 billion initiative would have created thousands of “green-collared” jobs in an area where unemployment is over 10%. After heavy campaigning on both sides, Measure B failed with 50.5 voters opposing it and 49.7 supporting it. Lack of ample time to research the program, its benefits and drawbacks and sufficient project details were common responses to groups and individuals opposing Measure B. Opponents and supporters argued over whether or not jobs would stay local and if electrical rates would skyrocket. Many opponents also stated that L.A.’s mayor supported the bill solely to benefit special interest groups.

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Last updated November 9, 2010