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Liberty Gap Wind Farm, WV

STATUS: Killed

TYPE: Wind

OPPOSITION: State government (Public Service Commission); Local residents (Protect Pendleton County, Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County)


BACKGROUND: US WindForce sought to build a wind farm in Pendleton County, West Virginia in November 2004, consisting of up to 50 turbines with a generating capacity of 100 MW.

Local NIMBY groups Protect Pendleton County and Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County opposed the project on the grounds that the turbines would impact the natural scenery and drive down tourism in the region. At one point in 2006, Liberty Gap's permit application was pulled, only to be reinstated later in the year. The NIMBY groups were successful, and on June 22, 2007, WVPSC denied Liberty Gap's application, stating that application lacked information on several key issues, including the project's impact on cultural resources and noise..   The developer decided not to appeal the decision.

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Last updated December 3, 2010