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Las Brisas Energy Center, Corpus Christi, TX

STATUS: In progress with opposition

TYPE: Coal

OPPOSITION: Sierra Club, Public Citizen, local citizens

PROSPECTS: Indeterminate

BACKGROUND:  In 2008 the developer submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental  Quality (TCEQ) an application to construct a 1,320 megawatt coal plant in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The estimated cost of the project is approximately $3.2 billion and it has substantial local support.  In March 2010, TCEQ administrative law judges recommended denying a permit because the developers conducted air pollution modeling in a "reckless manner" failing to properly analyze the emission control technology to be used at the plant's boilers or to account for operational emissions associated with the plant. In June the TCEQ directed the developer to submit additional evidence about emissions from materials handling and whether pollution limits are low enough for particulate matter and mercury. The commission directed the judges to make a new recommendation within four months. On December 1, 2010, the administrative law judges again recommended denialbecause the developer had still failed to undertake required air pollution modeling of particulate matter, tiny particles linked to a variety of respiratory ailments and heart disease, notwithstanding extraordinary assistance from TCEQ

The opponents, who submitted extensive comments against the project, claim plant emissions of hazardous pollutants and heavy metals will cause adverse health and environmental impacts throughout Corpus Christi.

SOURCES: http://www.lasbrisasenergy.com/faq.html

LAST UPDATED:  December 6, 2010