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Lansing Coal/Biomass Hybrid Plant, MI

STATUS: Canceled

TYPE: Hybrid (Coal/Biomass)

OPPOSITION: Local citizens; Sierra Club


BACKGROUND: In 2007, the Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) proposed a $1 billion hybrid power plant in Lansing, Michigan that would have burned 70 percent coal and 30 percent biomass, or organic materials to replace an aging coal-fired facility. In 2008, the BWL convened a Citizens Advisory Panel on New Generation to study the matter.  In January 2010, the Board released a report recommending that the Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) delay plans to build the proposed Lansing power plant until the economy improves and the uncertainty surrounding future environmental regulations is resolved.  It recommended BWL explore alternate options, such as natural gas, to meet future needs.   On July 16, BWL the Lansing Board of Water & Light proposed building a $182 million natural gas-fired cogeneration plant to replace the three oldest units at its six-unit coal facility.  If BWL receives all necessary state approvals and bond financing, then construction could begin April 2011 and the plant could be operational by January 2013.

A Sierra Club representative spoke out against the hybrid proposal, citing Utah litigation filed by the Club claiming CO2 must be regulated under the Clean Air Act.

SOURCES: http://www.statenews.com/index.php/article/2008/07/new_hybrid_power_plant_could_affect_mich_energy_industry

LAST UPDATED:  November 23, 2010