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Hatchet Ridge Wind Project, CA

STATUS: Complete

TYPE: Wind

OPPOSITION:  Local Indian Tribes; wildlife and bird activists


BACKGROUND:  The $200 million Hatchet Ridge Wind Project will be located near Burney and Fall River Mills, California.  The developer is Hatchet Ridge Wind, LLC, which is a subsidiary of RES Americas, Inc.  The project includes 44 wind turbines that will be operational for 25 years with an option to continue operation.  These turbines will generate 102 megawatts of energy. 

This project has encountered opposition from environmentalists and wildlife activists concerned about migratory and other birds in the area.  Their concern is that these turbines will kill many of the birds during flight.  Experts on the effects of turbines on birds have spoken directly with the Shasta County Board of Supervisors.  These experts believe that between 880-1300 bird deaths will result each year due to the wind farm. 

Local Indian tribes have also tried to prevent the Hatchet Ridge Wind Project from being built.  The tribes protested the project by wearing red in front of the Shasta County Administration Center in late February 2009.  Red was supposed to represent the “blood of mangled eagles”.
In October 2009, Pattern financed and began construction on the project.  In October 2010, Pattern Energy Group declared construction on the project completed and provided that it is ready for production.  The project will employ 10 people for the maintenance and operations of the facility and created approximately 200 jobs during construction.

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Last updated November 8, 2010