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Freedom Energy Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

STATUS:  In progress with opposition

TYPE: Natural Gas

OPPOSITION:   Environmental groups, local residents

PROSPECT:  Unlikely

BACKGROUND:  Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) put out a Request for Proposals in 2004 for companies interested in the development and management of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at its existing Port Richmond site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Freedom Energy Center would modify the existing LNG storage facility to an import facility, with a sendout capacity of 600 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.  PGW estimated that the project would yield significant job growth and an additional $50 million in annual revenue.

Residents and environmental groups strongly opposed the project.  Action PA sponsored a resolution in the city council memorializing their opposition to this project and any other proposal to create an LNG Import Terminal in the city of Philadelphia.  The group asserts that there are risks associated with having tankers pass through densely populated residential neighborhoods.   Other environmental groups and local residents echoed concerns over safety.

The project remains “in progress” and is listed on FERC’s map of potential LNG sites, but does not appear to have moved forward significantly.

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Last Updated:  December 1, 2010