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Florence, Oregon Ocean Wave Energy Project

STATUS: Canceled

TYPE: Wave Energy

OPPOSITION: OregonSurfrider Foundation


BACKGROUND: Oceanlinx filed for a preliminary permit in April 2007 to study a site within Oregon’s territorial sea off of Florence for a new wave energy project which would have consisted of 10 offshore floating steel frame structures.  The Oceanlinx technology boasted the ability to reduce the need for fossil fuels, which would result in large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. It was estimated that after each unit was in operation there would be zero CO2 and SO2 pollution produced, while noise emissions would be below 75 decibels.

In August 2007, and in response to Oceanlinx’s application, the Oregon Surfrider Foundation filed a motion of intervention with FERC. They stated that although they do support renewable energy, this project would result in “diminished aesthetics, recreational opportunities, environmental quality, and public safety.”

Skeptics fear the Florence proposal will impact the fishing and tourist industries as well as the prized sunsets.

In April 2008, the application for this project was withdrawn and no reason was cited.

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Last updated November 24, 2010