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Fairwinds LNG, Harpswell, Maine

STATUS: Killed

TYPE: Natural Gas

OPPOSITION: Environmental groups, local residents


BACKGROUND: Fairwinds, a partnership of TransCanada Corporation and ConocoPhillips, sought to build a $350 million liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near Harpswell, Maine.  The facility, proposed to be constructed at the site of a former U.S. Navy fuel depot, would send out 500 cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Opponents acknowledged that the project would generate substantial tax revenues for the town, but argued that its risks—potential loss of fishing grounds, affect on real estate values, national security/terrorist threats—outweigh the economic benefits.  In April 2004, a town vote denied the project.  Fairwinds abandoned the project and sought another location:  Hope Island, which was also killed by local residents’ concerns.

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Last Updated:  November 23, 2010