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EcoMagnolia Wind Project, WI

STATUS: Canceled 

TYPE:  Wind Project

OPPOSITION: Town Board Members; Matt Gaboda (local resident)

PROSPECTS:  Canceled

BACKGROUND: EcoEnergy proposed to install 67 wind turbines over 5,000 to 6,000 acres.  The project would generate 100 megawatts of electricity in the Magnolia Township.

In July 2007, board members unanimously passed an ordinance to defer applications and stay construction of wind energy systems for six months while they studied and drafted a permanent ordinance.  Planning for the project continued despite the town board’s approval of what EcoEnergy said was a “very prohibitive” ordinance and non-supportive town leadership. The ordinance established turbine setbacks of a half mile from homes and 1,000 feet from property lines.

Matt Gaboda, a resident of the township, opposes wind energy anywhere in the area because he said it is an inefficient energy form that creates problems for landowners and neighbors.

In October 2010, Acciona, the developer, confirmed that it has decided not to develop the EcoMagnolia project, citing a lack of wind development resources in the area.

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Last update: December 3, 2010