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Delta-T Ethanol Facility, PA

STATUS: Stalled

TYPE: Ethanol

OPPOSITION: Local residents; No Ethanol


BACKGROUND: Northeast Ethanol and Renewable Resources LTD proposed a $150 million plant in the city of Mayfield. The plant would have an annual production capacity of 50 million gallons and the potential to create 100 jobs. 

No Ethanol, a residents’ opposition group, succeeded during November 2007 elections in ousting four former council members who had supported the plant, giving the anti-ethanol contingent a majority. That majority then reversed the previous board’s decision that changed zoning from residential to industrial for almost 38 acres of a roughly 100-acre plot Northeast Ethanol planned to buy for its plant.  Northeast Ethanol appealed the decision. 

In October 2008, the Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas upheld the board’s reversal of the zoning change. In response to the ruling, Northeast said that it must weigh its options and begin discussions with the Mayfield borough.

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 Last updated November 24, 2010