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Criterion Wind Energy Project, Garrett County, Maryland

STATUS: In progress

TYPE: Wind

OPPOSITION: Local Residents

PROSPECTS: Highly Likely

BACKGROUND: The $160 million project would produce 70 megawatts of energy from 28 wind turbines.  The project would provide 110 to 120 construction jobs as well as 4 to 6 operations and maintenance workers receiving pay “much higher than the average” of workers in the area.

The project was proposed in 2002 but has experienced significant delays due to local opposition by area residents.  Public concerns include wildlife, property values, view sheds, beauty, human well-being, water tables, and heritage issues.

In April 2010, Constellation Energy acquired the project from Clipper Windpower. As of November 9, 2010, construction crews were putting the finishing touches on the project.

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Last updated November 16, 2010