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Colorado State University (CSU) Green Power Project, Wind Holding

STATUS: In progress, with opposition

TYPE: Wind

OPPOSITION: Local property owners

PROSPECTS: Indeterminate

BACKGROUND: The $500 million project would power CSU’s main campus with renewable energy. Opponents protest the initiative because they believe that certain requirements such as sufficient infrastructure, sufficient funding, and consistency of wind velocity are unattainable. The protesting group also points out that the project demonstrates disregard for the will of the rancher who donated the land to CSU in the 1940s.

In November 2009, CSU ended its partnership with its developer for the project. Wind Holding, LLC, the contractor for the wind farm fell into "default" with the project after it failed to make deadlines for building applications and late payments to the university.  Bill Farland, the vice president for Research at CSU, said Thursday that the university is still committed to the project and the CSU Research Foundation will look for other developers in the coming months.

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Last updated November 10, 2010