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Cape Wyckoff Wind Project, NY

STATUS: Canceled

TYPE: Wind

OPPOSITION: Cherry Valley Advocates, a group formed in opposition to the project; Otesgo 2000

PROSPECTS: Unlikely 

BACKGROUND:  Reunion initially planned to build an 24-turbine wind farm on Cape Wycoff Ridge in easthern Cherry Valley.  Construction on the project was to begin in the spring and summer of 2007. 

In December 2005, Reunion Power Canceled its plans to build a wind farm on the Cape Wyckoff ridge in Cherry Valley, likely due to significant local opposition.  The project developer said in a statement “After careful review and many discussions with community residents, we decided not to pursue development of the Cape Wycoff ridge."  As part of the process, the developers talked to many people and organizations about the Cape Wycoff area and were met with concerns about the viewshed and the historic landscape around Cherry Valley and Ostego Lake.

The Cape Wycoff area is in the Lindsay Patent which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The State Historic Preservation Office and Preservation League of New York both had concerns about the impact of the project.  It is, therefore, very likely that any proposal to locate wind turbines on Cape Wycoff would have drawn widespread attention and vigorous opposition. In addition, Reunion’s announcement came just before a call for a state-wide moratorium on siting wind turbines from Ostego 2000, an environmental advocacy organization. 

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Last updated November 22, 2010