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Big Cajun II, Louisiana

STATUS: Canceled

TYPE: Coal
OPPOSITION:  Sierra Club
The developer proposed Big Cajun II Unit 4 as a 675 megawatt, $1 billion expansion of an existing three-unit, 1,730 megawatt coal plant. The new unit was designed to use low sulfur coal and a supercritical boiler to increase efficiency and use less fuel to generate the same amount of electric power.

In August 2005, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issued an operating permit, Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permit and acid rain permit for the new Unit.  In December 2008, DEQ issued a final modified PSD/construction permit conditioning construction on issuance of a Title V permit. In January 2009, consistent with its national strategy of litigating in all forums against any use of coal for any purpose, the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit in Louisiana state court challenging the PSD/construction permit on the grounds that the underlying permit had expired in November 2008.  In February 2010 the developer submitted its operating permit renewal application for the existing Big Cajun II facility.  This application stated, among other things, that the developer was not moving forward with Unit 4 and it asked the agency to remove emission limits and related operating requirements associated therewith, effectively canceling the new Unit.
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LAST UPDATED:  November 23, 2010